DDMRP or Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning is a supply chain management method. The management of this Supply Chain is done by the customer request. The objective of DDMRP is to amortize these variabilities of customer requests via buffers.

These buffers are our shock absorbers, they will be placed and dimensioned strategically to optimize the supply chain and cushion customer demand.

To place them and size them we must study the Supply Chain to find the points of rupture and dense variability. The buffers are calculated according to:

  • The daily consumption
  • The cycle of the components 
  • The risks of variation

They can however be resized in due time if one of these criteria are changing.

These buffers will therefore absorb customer demand to obtain a production of stocks like this one:

To obtain such a result we proceed by an accompaniment in 5 steps.


To accompany this installation, our Episoft software will allow you to have a follow-up on your stocks and it will also allow you to adapt your buffers throughout your production

The advantages of this solution? Here they are:

  • A reduction of stocks between 30 and 45% 
  • Shortened deadlines for the customer by 80% 
  • A reduction of costs more unnecessary deliveries, nor deliveries of emergencies extremely expensive. 
  • And thus a better customer service.
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